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Hosted Printing


Printing from Hosted SIMS and FMS works the same way as printing a document from your local workstation.

Microsoft do not support some older printers for Windows Server 2012/2012 R2, this is the platform that Hosted SIMS runs on. If you are having issues printing please ensure that your printer make and model is compatible by referencing the following link:

*Please note: Printing may be slightly slower when compared to printing locally, due to print jobs being sent over the internet, rather than on the local machine or network. *

Managing and importing files in SIMS

As well as saving files the application ‘Explorer’ can be launched from the SIMS ID Launch page This allows you to copy, move or delete files between your local workstation drives and your Hosted SIMS shares.

Files can be copied between drives by simply selecting the Home Tab, choosing the file and selecting an option to, Copy, Move to, Copy to, Delete Rename. You can also right click a file or files or use the shortcut keys.